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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? The answers you seek are right here!

What is the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series?

The Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture series is a combination of products that revolve around the greatest Oral Care Super Hero of all time, Brusher Bailey. See Brusher Bailey battle for clean teeth in the following products (All of which are available upon purchase):

  1. Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture DVD - includes the first 3 Animated Episodes of the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series and over 30 “Ed-ucational” videos narrated by Brusher Bailey!
  2. Online Flash Games – Let kids help Brusher Bailey and Sebastian defeat "The Plaquies" on your own website!
  3. Downloadable Activity Sheets – The can be played in the lobby, or emailed so kids can complete at home. These include a word search, a find-the-difference activity, and an origami activity.
  4. Brusher Bailey Toothbrushes are available in a box (72 count) or a case (432 count).
  5. Sebastian Floss-Packs are available in a box (72 count) or a case (432 count).

How do I sign up for the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series?

In order to get license of the products a user will:

  1. Create an account here:
  2. Purchase the product:

What does the license of the Ed-Venture Series grant a user?

Upon purchase of the Ed-Venture series you are allowed to receive (1) Brusher Bailey DVD, (20) Brusher Bailey Toothbrushes, (20) Floss Packs. You may download the activity sheets as often as you’d like by logging into your account on The license also grants the user to authorize 1 domain name where the games may be embedded. Additional items may be purchased at any time.

Who can use this site license?

The license is valid for the account owner and is non-transferrable.

Where can I put the online games?

Online games can be embedded in your own practice website. Edu-tain your young patients and improve your website traffic at the same time!

How do I embed the game code?

Embedding the online games is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Complete instructions can be found here:

  1. Register on and purchase the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series.
  2. Log into your account and locate your account home page: You must be logged in for this to work.
  3. Click ‘Add Domain’, enter the domain name of where you want to put the games: (i.e.\games), and click 'Save'. Your domain is now registered.
  4. Once logged into your account locate the games page:
  5. Copy all of the text in the 'Embed Script' box.
  6. Edit the web page you want to animation to appear on.
  7. Paste the entire script inside the HTML code where you want the animation to appear.
  8. Save the web page.
  9. View the web page and verify the player loads correctly.

Note: The game will only play on the domain you added above, if you have a local test site it will not work.

Does the site license expire?

Currently the site license does not have an expiration date. However, we may in the future sync memberships for customers who have Guru and are signed up for the Customer Enhancement Program (CEP).

May I make copies of the product DVD?

No, the DVD is copyrighted material. If your DVD is lost or damaged, you can order a replacement DVD by calling us at 1-888-331-4878.

Can I purchase just the animated series DVD?

The DVD is only sold as a replacement to an original purchase. Think of it this way, your first 20 Brusher Bailey toothbrushes and 20 Sebastian Floss packs are FREE!

What if I have questions about my account?

Please call us at 1-888-331-4878.

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